The story behind Elliott and Diane and Quantum Matrix Inc. is truly amazing it is one of love, of love for humanity and of love for All there is, was and ever shall be. Elliott and Diane both felt frustrated at the world's condition and the general disposition of people. The overwhelming prevalence of greed, disrespect and non-responsibility in regards to how people treat each other and our home, planet earth, motivated them to seek out solutions to these conditions.

During one of the many self-help groups that both were attending in an effort to raise their vibrational levels, they found each other. Diane and Elliott began to explore many spiritual avenues. One was taking a channeling class which both were, to say the least, very skeptical of. One night during a meditation practice, Elliott went into an unconscious state and began channeling a source of beings that stated they are "All there is,was and ever shall be". From that night on Elliott would channel to Diane, who took notes that accumulated into many volumes of notebooks full of information on life as we understand it to be and the answers to many questions each of us ask each day. A seven month process began of Elliott automatically typing each night. This divinely inspired typing has produced the books "From God to You: Absolute Truth" and "The Sapiential Discourse Universal Wisdom. Elliott and Diane, not really knowing what to do or whom to tell, began to tell some close associates of the channeling and from there began to do small workshops with individuals asking questions of the Source. Amazing things began to happen; people would weep openly and exclaim that they always knew and felt that "God" would , could, and does speak to each one of us every day. Experience for yourself the full connection to All there is, was, and ever shall be in an upcoming workshop near you.

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